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FR438 is an Acrylic co-polymer emulsion with soft, durable film properties. It has excellent thermal & mechanical properties which gives superior running properties.

Key Features

  • Free from APEO/NPEO.
  • Easily miscible with cold water.
  • Soft and durable film properties.
  • High Mileage.
  • Excellent bond strength.

Typical Application

FR438 is mainly used for water based pigment printing of cotton, viscose material and gives soft and durable film properties. The print obtained using FR438 possesses very good all round fastness and excellent color value.

Typical Physical properties

Property Value
Appearance Milky white Liquid
Solid (% NVC, at 105°C/3 hrs) 38±1
Viscosity @25°C 150-200 cps
pH 7±1
Shelf life 1 year (sealed container)
Freeze/thaw stability Protect from freezing

Recommended Application Guidelines


  • With Water base System :
    • FR438 : 12 to 15 parts
    • THICKENER : 1.5 to 1.6 parts
    • WATER : 83 to 80 parts
    • TOTAL : 100 parts
    • Neutralized to pH 8.5 to 9 with liquor ammonia.

  • FIXER PF/LF/FF : 03 parts

  • Fixer is added just before printing.
  • Binder dosages will be depending on the % shade of pigment.

note:The neutralization should be done only after the addition of catalyst. Little excess of Liquor Ammonia would not in any way harm the print paste. Print paste should be filtered well before it is taken for printing.

Catalyst guidelines

Since FR438 is a self cross linking acrylic emulsion, catalyst is not necessary to achieve film durability where curing conditions are optimum (3 minutes at 150°C) But where curing conditions are less than optimum an acid or latent acid catalyst is recommended. The use of catalysts like Di-ammonium phosphate is recommended

Safety, handling and storage

  • Store in cool, dry, well ventilated area.
  • Protect from freezing.
  • Container once opened must be closed tightly to prevent contamination.
  • Do not mix other products without consulting technical team.
  • Stocks should be used on a first in first out basis.
  • Wash thoroughly after handling.
  • Wash contaminated goggles, face shield and gloves.
  • Do not reuse empty container without professional cleaning.


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